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Messages of Professional Table Tennis Players During Coronavirus

Messages of Professional Table Tennis Players During Coronavirus

Compilation of Messages and Current activities of Professional Table Tennis Players such as Timo Boll, Dima Ovtcharov, Manika Batra, Marcos Freitas, Simon Gauzy, Aruna Quadri, Ricardo Walther, Szocs Bernadette, Anton Kallberg, Kristian Karlsson, Omar Asar and Lin Gaoyuan during Coronavirus from Instagram posts.

Dima Ovtcharov

Ovtcharov has adviced to practice social distancing to fight Covid-19 together. Dima has luckily found a table in the basement :)

Manika Batra

Manika said to not compromise on workout and health and she is seen doing workout at home.

Marcos Freitas

Marcos urged people to stay at home, protect yourself and help other people.

Simon Gauzy

Simon said “We take advantage of the last moments of social life! Take care of yourself, wash your hands …”

Aruna Quadri

Aruna shared the message to stay safe

Timo Boll, Ricardo Walther, Anton Kallberg, Kristian Karlsson, Danny Heister and Omar Asar

Borussia Dusseldorf has shared the videos of players emphasising the importance of social distancing.

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Szocs Bernadette

Szocs has shared a photo from past and missing the sunny place.

Lin Gaoyuan

Lin Gaoyuan celebrated his birthday and hope for the pandemic is over soon.

Stay Safe Everyone and follow the above advices _/_

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