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Youtube Accounts of Professional Table Tennis Players

Youtube Accounts of Professional Table Tennis Players

Table Tennis is such a technical sports that you can learn something new everyday at any age. There are multiple youtube channels related to Table Tennis but some are pure GOLD. The best knowledge can be gained from youtube as nowadays you can get information from past or current ping pong players. Most of the top players such as Timo Boll, Dima are quite active with high level tutorials ranging from techniques to mental aspects.

Note on Dec 12, 2023: Added Zhang Jike channel in the list.

You can learn from professionals and know how they deal with daily activities.

There are not many professional Table tennis players with youtube accounts but I am glad there any some players who are on youtube. I have compiled the below list so that you can get close to players and also learn from some of the most popular table tennis youtube channels.

Channel Name Player Name(s) Country Subscribers (On 16 Jan 2022)
Pongfinity Link Emil, Otto and Miikka Finland 2.97M
Adam Bobrow Link Adam Bobrow USA 677K
TableTennisDaily Link Dan England 270K
PingSkills Link Alois Rosario & Jeff Plumb USA 211K
Tom Lodziak Link Tom Lodziak, Paul Drinkhall, Craig Bryant, Mark Mitchell, Rade Markovic, Ferenc Horvath and Eli Baraty UK 166K
Kasumi Ishikawa Link Kasumi Ishikawa Japan 125K
PingSunday Link EmRatThich France 118K
Table Tennis University Link Tao Li China 59.4K
TI LONG CLUB Link Ti long Vietnam 58.3K
yangyang TT Link Yangyang China 52.3K
Timo Boll Link Timo Boll Germany 51.1K
Maharu Yoshimura Link Maharu Yoshimura Japan 26.4K
eBaTT Link Eli Baraty UK 19.7K
Matsudaira Kenta TV Link Kenta Matsudaria Japan 18.6K
TT Smash City Link Jenny Ovtcharov & Dimitrij Ovtcharov Germany 14.9K
Kimtaeksoo Academy Link Kim Taek Soo Korea 9.05K
Koki Niwa Link Koki Niwa Japan 7.1K
Jeoung Young Sik Link Jeoung Young Sik Korea 4.15K
Tutorials.From.Table.Tennis Link Zhang Jike China 4.08K
Heming Hu Link Heming Hu Australia 2.69K
Sathiyan Gnanasekaran Link Sathiyan Gnanasekaran India 1.54K
Table Tennis Clinic Link Kaixuan Ma China 900
Anders Lind Link Anders Lind Denmark 579
Iba Diaw Link Iba Diaw Senegal 523
Harmeet Desai Link Harmeet Desai India 486

-> Please write a comment if I have missed any professional table tennis players channel

Thanks to u/Cookie_Niwa for Kenta Matsudaria TV and Maharu Yoshimura, u/DeimianOne/ for Iba Diaw, u/bigchihuahua for Ti Long Club, u/Quintus_Caecilius for Kaixuan Ma channel links.

Some facts on above channels

  • Pongfinity is the largest youtube channel related to Table Tennis and it is run by current table tennis players from Finland.
  • Timo Boll Channel is growing and Timo has variety of content with vlogs, techniques and interviews
  • TT Smash City is another emerging channel with lots of promising videos
  • Tom Lodziak channels contains quite interesting information with Paul Drinkhall being my absolute favorite in the list
  • Adam Bobrow is perhaps the entertaining with lots of snakes and What happened Moments!!
  • TableTennisDaily also has a new channel related to TTD Team and the team members are super strong with some of them are currently playing at National levels
  • Jeoung YoungSik sometimes goes live on youtube ;)

Well that’s all, hope you have found some interesting channels and don’t forget to subscribe them all ;)

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