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Ideal Weight of a Table Tennis Racket

Ideal Weight of a Table Tennis Racket

Quality of a Table Tennis racket depeneds on composition and proportion of wood and rubber used in the making of it, plays a crucial role in weight of racket. Their are various playing style and every style requires a different equipment and hence the weight of the racket. The quality of rubber and strength of the wood used in it may decide someone’s playing style and performance. Usually the weight of rackets is between 120-250 grams.

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Weight of Blade

Table tennis in general is considered a lightweight game but the right amount of strength is also important with the right amount of control to hit spins within a table. Read about the Commonly Used Wood in Table Tennis Rackets. In general table tennis rackets(without rubber) weight around 70 -100 gms.

Just like the quality of wood, blades, and rubber highly depend on the comfort of a player’s style of playing. The mass of the racket is equally proportionate to these factors. But upon decent interrogation with intermediate to professional players the heavier is the bat the more a player can maintain the consistency level and decent paces, it might be important for the players who naturally exude strength and need a level of stability while hitting the ball. The average weight of the table tennis racket is considered to be around 83.5 grams.

79 grams would be a lighter racket and 90 grams heavier blade. The players who need to add more power to the spins may consider for lighter weight paddle which may range in between 77-83.5 grams and the one who needs good acceleration and control may opt for heavier options like a 90-gram weight bat.

Weight of rubber

Average weight of rubber is considered around 45 grams. However there are heavy rubbers that weight around 70 grams as well.

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In Conclusion, the average weight of the racket is in between 120-250 grams. There is almost no certain or ideal weight of a table tennis racket and professional players use customized equipments based on their techniques for efficient performance.

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