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Review and Comparison of All GKI Rackets

Review and Comparison of All GKI Rackets

GKI Industries manufacture Table Tennis Equipments in India for beginners to professional table tennis players. GKI Industries is a registered company in India and they also manufacture Table Tennis Rubbers and Blades. In this review, we will discuss about premade rackets from GKI.

The quality of GKI equipments for the price is very good for the price and are suitable for all levels of players. You can get a GKI equipment in a range of INR 500 to INR 5500. GKI rackets are quite durable and generally last a long time. These rackets provide a very good learning curve for beginners players and the rackets in higher range allow people to correct their form and techniques.

One of the best things about GKI rackets is that they usually provide a case/cover with their rackets at such pricing which is a remarkable thing. For higher end rackets, they provide a full high quality cover.

Comparison of GKI Rackets

GKI has a variety of rackets but we recommend only below rackets based on your skill level.

Racket Price Range (Check latest price on Amazon) Level Cover
GKI Kung Fu INR 650-800 Amazon Beginners Plastic
GKI Offensive XX INR 800 - 1000 Amazon Beginners Plastic Bag
GKI Euro V INR 1500 - INR 1800 Amazon Intermediate Soft Cover
GKI Euro XX INR 2800 - INR 3000 Amazon Intermediate - Professional Soft Cover
GKI Euro Jumbo INR 5500 Amazon Professional Wooden

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Review of GKI Rackets

We have used all the above rackets and based on that we can say that :-

  • If you are starting, then go with either GKI Kung Fu or GKI Offensive XX. You will be able to make flat shots very well, chops with decent backspin and a beginner level topspins.
  • If you have some experience, than go with either Euro V or Euro XX. Euro XX is much better to produce topspin shots and attack. With Euro XX you have all round game. With Euro V, you will be able learn control as the rubbers are a bit slower than Euro XX and you will most likely do more chops with Euro V. Using Euro V, you can expect a defensive game compared to Euro XX.
  • With Euro Jumbo, you can certainly hit quality strokes but for the price of GKI Jumbo, I would recommend you to go for a custom setup. You can easily get an amazing combination of Mark V rubber with many different blades.
Are GKI Rackets Approved by ITTF

GKI has a variety of rackets, most of them are TTFI approved (Table Tennis Federation of India) and some of them are ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation) approved. Below is a List of GKI rackets approved by ITTF :-

ITTF Approved GKI equipments

My Personal Preference

My personal preference is either GKI Euro V or GKI Euro XX because this racket is highly durable and you can do all strokes you want. I would recommend changing you racket to a new one when you feel the speed of your strokes has improved and you need more power. That would also be the ideal time to decide about your custom equipment because by that time, you would also have improved your game.

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