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Is GKI Euro V good for decent level table tennis player?

Is GKI Euro V good for decent level table tennis player?

GKI Euro V is one of the medium range rackets of the GKI premade rackets series. In India, you will find lots of GKI rackets at most common at clubs, colleges and school. The reason is the price range and easily available online. In this article, we will discuss about how good is GKI Euro V for a decent level Table Tennis player.

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About GKI Euro V

GKI Euro V is cost effective racket with a better quality than most of the rackets in it’s price segment. Let’s explore more about this racket -

  • Build quality

GKI Euro V is an all wood blade with GKI Euro V rubbers on both side. The rubber quality is better than GKI Offensive XX and it is also having better build quality.

  • Spin

The Spin department for this racket is decent. You can do good quality chops and also do topspin with this racket but you will need muscle power to generate topspin. I will say loops will be good but drives will be comparatively difficult than loops.

  • Speed

This racket is more towards providing control in gameplay. You will be able to do shots but it is not powerful racket and you will need to your body to generate power. It’s not much sensitive to spin and hence you will be able to absorb opponents spin easily and hence blocking will be really good.

Question: Is GKI Euro V approved by TTFI(Table Tennis Federation of India)?

Answer: Yes, GKI Euro V is approved by TTFI and can be used in any tournament in India.

Question: Is GKI Euro V approved by ITTF?

Answer: No, GKI Euro V not approved by ITTF rackets, you should check for GKI Euro XX if you want an ITTF approved racket.

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  • Durability

The racket is durable, you can use this racket even after years and it will still perform good. The top sheet of the racket becomes a bit softer overtime but it will still be playable for sure.

  • Cost

The cost of GKI Euro V is around INR 1700 - INR 2000 on Amazon India. Check latest prices here

I will say this is a decent price of this racket and you will also get a racket cover with the racket which is an added benefit. You can store atleast 3 table tennis balls in the bag.


In my view, you should go with GKI Euro V if you have some experience of playing and you are a decent level table tennis player who prefers defensive gameplay of blocks and chops and surprise attacks of drives and topspins. With Euro V, you will be able learn control as the rubbers are a bit slower than GKI Euro XX and you will most likely be able to improve your chops a lot.

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