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Is GKI Euro XX good for a intermediate professional player?

Is GKI Euro XX good for a intermediate professional player?

GKI Euro XX is one of the best rackets of the GKI brand. In India, you will find lots of GKI Euro XX rackets at most common at club and office competitions. The reason is the price range and easily available online. GKI Euro XX is also ITTF approved racket and that’s why most of the player prefer this racket. In this article, we will discuss about how good is GKI Euro XX for a intermediate to professional level Table Tennis player.

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About GKI Euro XX

GKI Euro XX is cost effective racket with a higher quality than any other brand premade racket. Let’s explore more about this racket -

  • Build quality

GKI Euro XX is an all wood blade with GKI Euro XX rubbers on both side. The rubber quality is better than GKI Euro V and it comes in a black handle with a beautiful pattern. Euro XX blade is a 5 layer all wood blade.

Question: Is GKI Euro XX approved by ITTF?

Answer: Yes, GKI Euro XX is approved by ITTF rackets. Below is the image from official list of ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation) approved rackets. This racket is also approved by TTFI(Table Tennis Federation of India)

ITTF Approved GKI equipments

  • Spin

The Spin department for this racket is really good. You can do good quality chops and generate high quality topspin with this racket provided you have the proper technique. This is a good racket for attacking players. GKI Euro XX can also produce decent quality loops.

  • Speed

This racket is more for attacking players and who likes to block down the opponents shots in gameplay. You will be able to do drive shots as this racket is fast. If you use your body to generate power, your shots will be very fast. The chop and blocks are decent for this racket as this racket can absorb some amount of spin because of all wood ply.

Question: GKI Euro XX vs GKI Euro V?

Answer: GKI Euro XX is attacking racket with higher spin properties and speed. If you prefer controlled defensive gameplay with chops and attacking on high balls, I will suggest you to go with GKI Euro V as that would be more suitable for club level players.

  • Durability

All GKI rackets are durable and that is one of the great thing about GKI in the price range. You can use this racket even after years and it will still perform good. Make sure you clean and take care of your table tennis racket to improve the life of the racket.

  • Cost

The cost of GKI Euro XX is around INR 2800 - INR 3000 on Amazon Check latest prices here . The price of this racket is really good considering for the quality you are getting, a custom racket with similar quality would cost you atleast 2.5x.

I will say this is one of the best price of this racket at this range and you will also get a soft racket cover with the racket which is an added benefit. You can store atleast 3 table tennis balls in the bag.


GKI Euro XX is an indeed great combination for intermediate to professional players. The rubber of the racket is durable and can help you improve your game and enjoy high quality table tennis without worrying much about custom rubbers that loses their properties in just a few days of properties. Euro XX blade composition makes it an OFF racket that is very balanced for both attacking and blocking.

Good luck with improving your game and as always enjoy while playing table tennis. :)

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