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How to Clean Table Tennis Racket

How to Clean Table Tennis Racket

Every table tennis player have to keep their racket clean so that it the player performs at top level while playing a match.

There is a famous saying that “A racket is an extension of your arm”

A great table tennis racket is always responsive. It helps you to make an accurate shot while playing the game and it’s comfortable in your hand. If you want the Table tennis bat to last long and keep performing well, it needs to be properly maintained. There are various methods of cleaning the table tennis bat some of which are expensive and others are easy to follow at home.

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Some of the methods of cleaning Table Tennis Bat are :-
  1. Water : The rubbers of the table tennis bat collect dust from the balls , sweat from hand , hair or any thing else. So if you don’t clear it regularly the rubber of the table tennis bat will become less grippy due to which the ball will slip off and you will miss your shot. So the cheapest way of clearing your bat is to use a small amount of water and some cloth and make the surface of the bat clean. It will clear almost all dust upon your bat. You should do it regularly after your play.

  2. SPRAY AND SPONGE : By using water you can clean your bat but it is not guaranteed that all the dust will be removed from the surface of the bat.So before any tournament or match you should clean your bat with spray and sponge which not only clears the dust but also the sweat and oil present in the bat which water cannot remove in any way.The spray is not very costly and will remain for a long period of time

  3. BAT CASE: The main objective of having a bat case is to protect your TT bat from dust when you are not playing because the rubbers of the TT bat catches dust very easily so if you keep it without any bat case your TT bat can get damaged easily. The best table tennis bat case is an aluminium case which will protect it from all kinds of damage.

  4. RUBBER PROTECTOR: Another option is to buy a rubber protector which most of the TT players generally use for protecting their bat from dust. But it almost serves the same purpose as the bat case does. All the players after playing clean their bat and then cover it with extra rubber protector to keep it safe from dust.

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It can be said that as with time all things deteriorates, same thing happens with the table tennis bat. In spite of cleaning it regularly, it will deteriorate with time but you should clean it regularly so that it can last longer than usual.

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