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Water based table tennis glues, what are they?

Water based table tennis glues, what are they?

For any table tennis enthusiast, it is important to select the best quality table tennis glue for sticking their table tennis rubbers on their blades. Once you place the rubber, it will stick to the blade for quite a long period of time. Unless you remove it either by force or using chemical it will stay intact. So, in a way your table tennis racket is tied to the blade for eternity, unless you remove it properly or by force!

What are the key important things of a glue?

When you paste a glue, it adjusts the quality of the rubber with the blade. There are certain types of glues but we will talk about Water based glues as they are approved by ITTF(International Table tennis Federation) for all types of rubbers.

What are water based glues preferred?

ITTF banned VOC glues in 2008 and they are actually harmful to the human body. And to the player as well. That is why the most preferred type of glue are water based glue. The most famous Water Based glues are from Butterfly and Donic -

  • **Butterfly Free Chak II **- This glue comes in 20, 100 and 200 ml bottle and is one of the favorite among all table tennis player. One of the most preffered glues in pro table tennis circuit.

  • Donic Vario Water glue - The glue comes in a bottle with 37 ml quantity. And it can be used to stick at least three table tennis rackets. The packet of the glue also consists of sponge, that will allow you to stick the glue to the rubber. And to the surface of the blade. If you know, the proper technique of pasting the rubber, then this blade will perform to its best.

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Who is using water based table tennis glues?

Almost all professional players are using these type of glues. You only require to put only one layer. On both Rubber and the blade. And it will stick perfectly to your racket. The glue will stick the rubber to the blade and it is not a component that is going to affect the quality of your wood. So, basically, you can use any number of rubbers with your racket, but you need to know the proper technique of how to remove the rubber once the racket is dried. You can play with the racket once the glue is dry and you rubber is sticking to the blade.

Most of the professional players prefer to use a thick layer of the glue, that allows a high amount of contact between the blade and the ball. The professionals also try to change the glue once or two days.


If you are really looking forward to become better, you will need custom racket and a glue is one of the important component in that particular area. My suggestion is to go with either Butterfly or Donic as they are most famous glues around the pro circuit.

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