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Virat Kohli Plays Table Tennis?

Virat Kohli Plays Table Tennis?

One of the legends of cricket, Virat Kohli is a name that is famous all around the world. The current Indian batsman has many records in his name and is considered the best players of modern era. Cricket is one of the most technically difficult games and so is table tennis and it seems really interesting to see that a cricket player is also a good player in ping pong.

Does Virat Kohli Plays Table Tennis?

Yes for sure, there have been many news and videos around how Virat is a table tennis enthusiast. And interesting thing is he plays table tennis quite good.

I looked at few videos of Kohli and doing some analysis of Kohli’s table tennis skills, it seems like his forhand is pretty good, which we can expect from someone so technically strong in cricket.

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Kohli, RCB and Table Tennis

Kohli plays for RCB(Royal Challengers Bangalore), one of the biggest cricket club franchies in world cricket with an amazing facilities for the players. Kohli has played final of RCB’s Table Tennis tournaments knwon as Clashathon with RCB’s manager which is quite interesting. He has also played against his fellow RCB teammate Glenn Maxwell who is another good table tennis player. You can see highlights with a small glimpse of Kohli playing table tennis in the youtube video -

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