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Do Table Tennis Players jog?

Do Table Tennis Players jog?

Table Tennis is a dynamic sport where you need quick reflexes and considerable amount of stamina to survive long rallies. In modern era, Fitness is really important for any player and lot of player spend time in gyms to get strong muscles. But do table tennis players do jogging as well? Well this is interesting and let’s deep dive about the benefits of jogging in table tennis in this article.

What does jogging has to do with Table Tennis?

Jogging is a simple exercise that warms your muscles and increases your pulse rate. When playing table tennis, you are increasing your heart rate and jogging can give you a jump start before playing a match. A light exercise that puts you in game mood without losing much energy. Heart rate is just one factor and there are multiple other benefits of jogging but let’s understand why fitness and other sports activities play part in life of a sportsperson.

Fitness and relaxation

Many sportsmen keep themselves busy playing other sports and fitness activities for fun and to relax as well. For example -

  • Roger Federer plays ping pong for relaxing
  • Sachin Tendulkar plays tennis
  • Novak Djokovic regularly does Yoga
  • Ma Long, Timo Boll play golf for fun
  • Cristiano Ronaldo plays Ping Pong
  • Hugo Calderano plays Basketball
  • M.S. Dhoni plays football/Badminton
  • And many more..

The most important thing is to enjoy, you can’t always be in competitive mood. Life is about having fun and you can see that some of the most recognized sportsperson playing other sports for relaxing and leisure.

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Muscle warm up and strengthening using jogging

Table tennis is a sport where you require lateral movement and you are almost moving sideways in every rally. This requires your leg muscles to be strong and important to keep them well structured. For table tennis players, you don’t need to put long running hours in jogging as the table tennis movement itself is lateral. Just light 5-10 mins jogging is enough as this will give you all the health benefits and also keep aerobic exercise for your body.

Conclusion - Do table tennis player jog?

Always remember that training programs are designed so that they help you improve your body and fitness depending on the sport you play. In sports like football, cricket, tennis, basketball, sports trainers emphasize a lot on jogging and running because of the requirements related to sport but for table tennis, you only need to put some effort just to get your muscles warm and raise your heart rate.

Keep a proper training plan and improve your game faster.

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