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Four Side Table Tennis Concept

Four Side Table Tennis Concept

Recently I saw image related to four side table tennis and this concept really made me think about new possible format. 🤩 4 side table tennis concept, looks interesting. Usually in doubles, there are 4 players but in this format, it is 2 players vs 2 on other side. The team on each side fight to gain 11 points first to win a set. 👯‍♀️

💡But what about 4 players against each other. This could be interesting where everyone is againt everyone. 😯

❔Think about it and how would you play on a table like this?

There are many different possible gameplay, one of them could be -

  • Every player is against each other and whoever drops the ball loses that point.
  • Any player who loses 10 points gets eliminated
  • Last one standing would be the winner

This may sound easy but one question that comes to the mind is related to serve. How would serves will take place in such a format? Once possible suggestion is that it can be done in a way similar to how poker is played.

This was one possible way you can play four way table tennis. You can also brainstorm and share what you think about such format. Let us know if you try such format. 🏓🌞

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