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Interesting Rules in Table Tennis

Interesting Rules in Table Tennis

Interesting Rules in Table Tennis

In previous article, we shared article on basic rules of Table Tennis. You can read the article Rules of Table Tennis.

In this article, we will talk about some interesting rules in table tennis.

1. Number of re-serves

Assumption - Since the opponent hit the net twice, I will gain the point.

Reality - Wrong, it is a re-serve. Let Serve is allowed as many number of times the serve hits net. A let does not result in a point scored. The service does not change until a certain number of points are scored.

Well, in anycase you may want to practice services “Let Serve”. ^_^

2. Yellow Card

Assumption - Since table tennis is not physical, I can never get Yellow Card..mmm

Reality - Wrong, you can get a Yellow card in Table Tennis if you “misbehave”. Under ITTF regulations, a yellow card is shown by the umpire to warn the player if they misbehave. If the player commits a second offence, one point is awarded to the opponent and two points for further offence, each time with a yellow and a red card together shown by the umpire.

3. Bouncing the ball while serving

Assumption - While serving, I can bounce the ball from where I want.

Reality - No, the ball should rest freely on your palm above the playing surface. That means Table Tennis Ball should not be hidden below the table while serving.

4. 11-10, I win

Assumption - Since it is 11-10, I win.

Reality - Well NO, once it is a deuce you need to win by a difference of 2. A deuce is called when the score reaches 10-10 and hence you need to have a difference of 2.

5. Switching Hands

Assumption - A right hand player can’t hit a left handed stroke or vice versa.

Reality - There is no such restriction. You can perform a hand switch and win a point. According to ITTF rules there is no mention of losing the point if you decide to switch your playing hand in between a rally.

However, you are not allowed to hold two rackets in each hand.

6. Exhibition points

You can perform exhibition points only if your opponent is interested in pleasing the crowd. You can see exhibition points happen frequntly during the final rally of the matches. You don’t have to worry about who wins the points and make it creative so that the crowd loves it.

You can read the Official ITTF Handbook

Have fun and enjoy playing table tennis.

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