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Is Palio Expert 2 best Premade Ping Pong Racket?

Is Palio Expert 2 best Premade Ping Pong Racket?

A lot of people have asked us for recommendation on a racket that is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels without using custon setup. There are so many rackets in the market and it is quite difficult to find a paddle that is decent for producing spin on the ball and improve your game. I believe Palio Expert 2 is one of the best premade ping pong racket that you can get under 50$ on Amazon. Without a doubt you will improve your game and also you will not have to go into the hassles of pasting the rubbers on a custom blade. We will go into the review of the Palio Expert 2 paddle in this post -

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About Palio Expert 2

Palio Expert 2 is cost effective racket with a high quality than any other brand premade racket. Let’s explore more about this racket -

  • Build quality

Palio Expert 2 is an all wood blade with Palio Expert 2 rubbers on both side. The rubber quality is better than most of the premade rackets from premium brands such as Butterfly/Stiga/Donic/DHS and this racket comes in a wooden handle with a black stripe on both side of the handle. The racket is having an all wood blade.

  • Rubbers

Palio Expert 2 comes with ITTF approved Palio CJ8000 rubbers that are well known for their ability to generate spin while maintaining a good level of control and feeling due to their softer sponge. The tacky topsheet will help you produce topspin, backspin and sidespin with ease. This is not a super fast rubber but it is a decent rubber that will allow you to learn proper technique and help you learn ball control.

  • Spin

The Spin department for this racket is decent with Palio CJ8000 rubbers. You can do good quality chops and do topspin with this racket provided you have the proper technique. Using Palio Expert 2, you can produce decent quality loops.

  • Speed

This racket is more for control oriented players and who likes to block down the opponents shots and position the ball on the table in their gameplay. Similar to most of the All round blades, this racket can absorb some amount of spin because of all wood ply. You will be able to do drive shots but you will need to use your body to generate power as this racket doesn’t come with very fast rubbers.

Question: Is Palio Expert 2 approved by ITTF?

Answer: Yes, Palio Expert 2 is approved by ITTF rackets meaning you can use this in official matches.

  • Durability

Palio rackets are durable and that is one of the good things in the price range. You can use this racket even after years and it will still perform good. Make sure you clean and take care of your table tennis racket to improve the life of the racket.

  • Cost

The cost of Palio Expert 2 is around $40 on Amazon. Check latest prices here This is one of the value for money rackets and you will also get a soft racket cover with the racket which is an added benefit. You can also store 2 table tennis balls in the bag.


Palio Expert 2 is an indeed good combination for beginner and intermediate players at this price range. This is an all wood racket with decent rubbers with a good durability. You also get a racket cover as an added bonus. Once you have improved your game using this racket, we would recommend you to change to an OFF- racket.

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