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Upcoming Sensations - Most interesting table tennis players?

Upcoming Sensations - Most interesting table tennis players?

Almost every 10 years, we see a new batch of players. Lots of excitement with a new era of players, new playing styles and some interesting techniques as well. There was a time when Chinese team stars like Ma Lin, Wang Hao, Wang Liqin retired and future of Chinese table tennis was handed over to the likes of Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Fang Bo, Yan An etc and they changed the dominance of Chinese table tennis to a whole new level.

With the new type of ball, ITTF has changed the dynamics of the sport. There are more WTT events that are happening with higher prize money and the sport has become more lucrative for aspiring players all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the young new players that are already established or will be well known in near future -

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Xiang Peng

Xiang Peng was born 7 March, 2003 in Zhejiang, China and is one the most brightest upcoming stars from China. In 2017, Xiang Peng impreseed the grand slam winner Zhang Jike and was gifted 5 sets of rubbers by Zhang Jike. Xiang Peng is right handed shakehand player with amazing blocking technique that stands him out over the rest.

Although he is yet to prove his game at top level in WTT events, he has been a junior singles gold medalist in 2019.

Alexis Lebrun

One of the most exciting players on tour right now. Alexis born in August 27, 2003 is a French table tennis sensation with quite unique playing style. He is right handed shakehand grip player. He has been a junior champion and is also playing at a very high level in senior circuit. His performance in WTT Contendar Doha 2022 and WTT Star Contender European Summer Series 2022 was amazing and he is just getting started. ;)

Felix Lebrun

Felix Lebrun is younger brother of Alexis Lebrun, Felix is a penhold grip player from France who was born on 12 September 2006 and is another sensational player. He also playes Men’s doubles with his brother. He played amazing against two times Men’s Singles Olympic CHampion Ma Long in WTT Star Contender European Summer Series 2022 and was able to take a set in best of 5 match. Felix is another player to watch out in future.

Wang Chuqin

A well known name from new Chinese national team, Wang Chuqin was born 11 May 2000 and is a complete player who has also played at a very high level against international players even though he is quite young. Wang Chuqin won Gold in the men’s singles and mixed team events at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina and after that he became a regular in Chinese Men’s team. Wang Chuqin, world rank #14, has won against stronger opponents like Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, Lin Gaoyuan, Tomokazu Harimoto, Hugo Calderano and many more. He is definitely one of the players to watch out for in current era.

Darko Jorgić

Darko Jorgić was born on 30 July 1998 in Slovenia and has become one of the top players of current era. His backhand and smooth movement are top notch. He is one of the top European players right now who is getting ranked higher up in the ladder. His performance at Olympics 2020 was phenomenal and he is currently World Ranked #8 player.

Tomokazu Harimoto

Born on 27 June 2003, Tomokazu Harimoto is a Japanese table tennis player who is an athlete sponsored by butterfly. Harimoto is the youngest ITTF World Tour winner at the age of 14 years 61 days! He is currently 19 years old and is far more experienced than before. He has already won against the likes of Ma Long, Fan Zhendong etc. Tomokazu Harimoto is one the major stars from Japanese Table Tennis team, he is currently ranked WR #7 and we definitely hope to see him do amazing in the future.

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Truls Möregårdh

Born on 16 February 2002, Truls Carl Eric Möregårdh is a Swedish table tennis player. Truls current biggest achievement is winning silver medal at World Table Tennis Championship 2021. Truls has amazing performance in WTT Star Contender European Summer Series 2022 as well. Truls innovative style on table tennis has earned him a lot of fans around the world, his unpredictability causes opponents to lose their rhythm and control of the game. He is currently ranked WR #5. He is also two times Swedish National Champion.

Yukia Uda

Yukia Uda is a 20 years Japanese table tennis sensation who won the 2020 Japanese National Title by defeating Tomokazu Harimoto in the final. Uda is a remarkable athlete with phenominal footwork. Yukia Uda has even competed with WR #1 Fan Zhendong and gave him a tough battle in 2022 WTT Singapore Smash. He is definitely one of the stronger upcoming players from Japan.

Lin Yun-ju

There are so many interesting players right now but Lin Yun-ju is currently the one who stands out the most. Born in 17 August 2001, Lin is a Taiwanese table tennis player who has played at top level and is currently ranked #6 in the world. Lin has won many titles at top level and was fourth place in Tokyo Olympics 2020. Famous for his banana flick and incredible footwork, We hope Lin will continue to rise more in World Rankings and bring joy to the world of table tennis.

Sora Matsushima

Another young gun who is very talented is Sora Matsushima from Japan. Born on Sunday 29th April 2007, this young kid is rising rapidly in rankings and you would definitely like to see him succeed at international level.

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