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Coming Soon - AIBISS Butterfly Latest Rubber

Coming Soon - AIBISS Butterfly Latest Rubber

Butterfly announced a new rubber named AIBISS that are high-standard Friction Rubbers 🏓. This information was posted on Buttefly Official Facebook and Butterfly JP Twitter

Butterfly recently released a new blade called Butterfly Revoldia CNF is an Off blade which represents a new technology with regards to blade construction. Unlike classic carbon fibers, ALC fibers, TAMCA fibers, or ZLC fibers, this new fiber brings a new standard with regards to blade design and performance. CNF stands for Cellulose Nanofiber.

What is Butterfly AIBISS?

AIBISS is a friction rubber which balances the characteristics of a tacky surface with stable high quality🏓

A specialized top sheet with a pimple shape which enables heavy spin has been combined with a hard sponge; a high reaction is realized, supported with friction, thanks to the applied production technology of Spring Sponge🏓

AIBISS enables heavy spin as well as a curved arc, is recommended for players who aim at making the best use of the characteristics of a friction rubber, using precise technique on the table and counter attacking play🏓

Rubber Specifications

According to butterfly JP, It is an adhesive rubber that combines “adhesive rubber-likeness” with stable high quality. By combining a special seat that uses a tub shape that draws out strong rotation with a harder sponge that applies the manufacturing technology of “Spring Sponge”, we have realized a repulsive force that can withstand adhesive force. “AIBISS”, which produces a ball with a large amount of rotation and a high arch line, is recommended for players who aim to play utilizing the features of adhesive rubber such as precise bench technology and counter drive in the front team.

  • Part number - 06080
  • Type - Adhesive back rubber
  • Speed - 10.5
  • Spin - 11
  • Sponge hardness - Fifty
  • Seat color - Red (006), Black (278)
  • Sponge thickness - Tokuatsu, hot, medium
  • Country of origin - Japan

NOTE: Butterfly recommends use of Butterfly Free Chuck 2 Glue

You can find the AIBISS document here

AIBISS Rubber Price and release date

Price on Buttefly Website ¥5,000 or $46.99. Rubber release date is July 1, 2020 on Butterfly Japan Website😊

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