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Dignics 09C : Sticky Rubber from Butterfly

Dignics 09C : Sticky Rubber from Butterfly

Butterfly Tenergy has been one of the most popular rubbers but with the transition of Table tennis balls to plastics, the game has become less spinny and hence requires rubbers to generate more spin. For this reason, the DHS Hurricane 3 Neo was becoming more popular than any another rubber. Butterfly came with an answer with Dignics 09C. Dignics 09C has a slightly sticky surface which enables it to have much greater spin than any of the other Butterfly rubbers. This makes it ideal for serve, return and short play, as well as looping.

Properties of Dignics 09C

Property Value Comments
Weight 73gms Quite Heavy rubber
Price $93.99 Very costly
Level Advanced Dignics requires proper techniques
Hardness 41 degree Heavier than Tenergy
Type Spinny Good for generating heavy spin
Colour Red/Black Topsheet of Red and Black available
ITTF Approved Yes Can be used at professional tournaments

Dignics compared with Tenergy 05

Dignics has a tacky topsheet and a hard sponge similar to the Chinese rubbers like DHS H3 Neo. But the rubber is still very different from the Chinese counterpart and still maintains the best features of Tenergy. You will need to use more muscle power to generate power in your strokes as the rubber is hard. In all, this sheet is Harder compared to Tenergy but it still provides you the similar feeling that of Tenergy which makes it easy switch for any Tenergy player.

At pro level, this rubber is very popular. German Legend Timo Boll changed both forehand and Backhand rubbers from Tenergy 05 to Dignics 09C on his TImo Boll ALC blade.

“I’m very happy to play with this rubber, because this is for sure the best rubber I ever had”

  • Timo Boll

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Dignics compared with DHS Hurricane Neo 3

DHS Hurricane can be said as the reason why Dignics 09C exists. Dignics can be said as a European or Japanese rubber but they use are adopting to the Tackiness that is usually find in Chinese rubbers due to the change of ball quality to plastic balls.

The DHS H3 Neo and Dignics 09C are very different rubbers, the H3 Neo is one of the most tacky rubber you will find in the market for public but Dignics maintains a proper balance between tacky and hard topsheet. The durability of H3 is very less and the price of H3 is only 18-28$ whereas the DHS Hurricane Neo 3 is a high durability rubber but costly. The speed of Dignics is much faster than H3 Neo and even in spin department both are quite similar. Blocking is much better with Dignics 09C as the rubber retains the spring effect of Tenergy. In all aspects, Dignics is clear winner but the price of this rubber is very high ($93.99).


Dignics 09C is definitely a game changer rubber with many professionals like Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Timo Boll, Lee Sangsu switching to this rubber. If cost is not an issue for you, then definitely go with Butterfly Dignics 09C.

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