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What Are ESN Rubbers? Informative article

What Are ESN Rubbers? Informative article

ESN is a B2B Germany based company that has a division which creates Table Tennis rubbers for club, competitions players. ESN has a variety of ranges of rubbers which they create for their clients based on the requirements such as durability, grip, catapult, thickness, etc.

Knowing there are differences, it is guaranteed that durability will vary that will depend on the specific performance element such as speed or spin etc.

The weight of the rubber also depends on the above factors and they will vary with the hardness of rubbers. With the new plastic balls, professional players that play at very high level prefer harder rubbers. Harder rubbers require a really good technique.


Since ESN is a B2B company and ESN works with lot of big table tennis brands such as Tibhar, Donic, andro, Joola, Stiga, Yasaka, XIOM etc.

We are one of the world’s largest and most innovative producers of table tennis rubbers for club and competition players and are exclusively active in the B2B sector. We supply leading table tennis brands with tailor-made products, which reach the sports-enthusiastic final consumer via specialist dealers.

Example of ESN Rubber

Just to give you an example, some of the top class rubbers are referred as ESN Rubber such as

  • Tibhar Evolution MX-P (Evolution Series)
  • Tibhar Genius
  • Donic Baracuda
  • Donic Bluefire
  • andro Hexer
  • andro Rasant series
  • Yasaka Rakza 7
  • XIOM Vega Series
  • JOOLA Rhyzer
  • and a lot more rubbers
andro® RASANT Tech Talk

Check how andro® Official video of andro® Rasant sponge is created in Germany

So now you know what are ESN rubbers :)

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