Table Tennis Names Around the World

Table Tennis Names Around the World

Table Tennis is a sport played across all continents and the sport is called with different names around the world. Most of the countries use either Table Tennis or Ping Pong. Some countries also have the sport named based on National or Regional languages such Tisch Tennis, Bord Tennis or tênis de mesa etc. In this article, we will share the most famous names used around the world for the sport.

Popular Table Tennis names used around various countries are below -

Country Name Written Name
China Ping Pong Pīngpāng qiú (Chinese: 乒乓球)
Japan Takkyu Takkyū (卓球)
Germany Tischtennis Tischtennis
India Table Tennis टेबल टेनिस
Sweden Bordtennis Bordtennis
Korea taggu 탁구
Hungry Asztali tenisz Asztali tenisz
Russia nastol’nyy tennis настольный теннис
Albania pingpongu pingpongu
South Africa tafeltennis tafeltennis
Spain Tenis de mesa Tenis de mesa
Italy tennis da tavolo tennis da tavolo
France tennis de table tennis de table
Zimbabwe tafeltennis tafeltennis
Arabic tans tawila تنس طاولة
Romanian tenis de masa tenis de masa
Turkey stol tennisi stol tennisi
Namibia tafeltennis tafeltennis
Vietnam bóng bàn bóng bàn
Mongolia shireenii tyennis ширээний теннис
Greece pin’nk pon’nk πινγκ πονγκ
Thailand Pingpxng ปิงปอง
Indonesia tenis meja tenis meja
Netherlands tafeltennis tafeltennis

Some countries have similar languages and they have similar names for Table Tennis in the languages.

History of Table Tennis names

History of Table Tennis names is very interesting with so many names in past such as

  • Gossima
  • Ping Pong
  • Table Tennis
  • Whiff Waff
  • Parlour Tennis
  • Indoor Tennis
  • Pom-Pom
  • Pim-Pam
  • Netto
  • Clip-Clap
  • Royal Game
  • Tennis de Salon

Out of the above names in history, only Ping Pong and Table Tennis prevailed in modern era.

Why two different names i.e. Ping Pong or Table Tennis?

Here is an excerpt from ITTF website

Gradually the two most popular names prevailed: Ping Pong, and Table Tennis. However, these competing names caused some problems, as two associations were formed, and with different rules for the game some confusion resulted. Ping Pong was trademarked in 1900 by Hamley Brothers in England, and soon afterwards Hamleys became “jointly concerned” with Jaques. They rigorously enforced the Ping Pong trademark, requiring use of their Ping Pong equipment in Ping Pong tournaments and clubs. Parker Brothers, who acquired the American rights to the name Ping Pong, similarly enforced the trademark. Eventually it became clear that for the sport to move forward, the commercial ties had to be severed.

Isn’t knowing about the names of the sport you love interesting? 🙌

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