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Stiga Carbonado Series and Rubbers

Stiga Carbonado Series and Rubbers

STIGA Carbonado series was launched in 2014. It consists of 6 blades With TeXtreme® Technology Carbon. All the blades are fast blades and provide a stiff feeling. The Carbonado 45 and 90, feel more controllable and give feeling similar to OFF wood blades.

My personal preference are Stiga Carbonado 145 and 190. I felt not much noticeable difference between the two blades and I like the blue handle. I felt Carbonado 245 and 290 to be very fast and it total depends on how much control you can have with your table tennis blade.

Stiga Carbonado Composition Comparison

The blades consist of 2 layers of carbon with varying carbon density.

Blade Carbon (fibre per m2) Direction
Carbonado 45 64 slanted
Carbonado 90 64 perpendicular
Carbonado 145 100 slanted
Carbonado 190 100 perpendicular
Carbonado 245 200 slanted
Carbonado 290 200 perpendicular

Tigearlab has done an indepth technical review about the Carbonado Series. Do check it out the Stiga Carbonado series – Overview & Lab Test

There is no official information on composition. However Yogi-bear of TableTennisDaily has shared the composition on TableTennisDaily -

Limba-Textreme Carbon-Ayous-Ayous Core-Ayous-Textreme Carbon-Limba

You can tell about the limba wood by looking at the blade yourself. This means the Carbonado series is softer outer ply compared to Koto blades.

TTCrunch Personal Recommendation

In my view, the best preference is Carbonado 145/190 because they are both amazing blades and very similar with not much difference except price. The Blades Stiga Carbonado 145 / Stiga Carbonado 190 offer you a balanced gameplay which is not too slow and not too fast.

Rubbers Recommendation for Stiga Carbonado Series

The Stiga Carbonado are fast rackets and are suitable for attacking players. The rackets is also used by professional players that love third ball attacks. Returns of serves are also good with the blade and the rubber suggestion is be based on the modern gameplay.

  • Forehand Rubber - Butterfly Dignics 09c/ Tibhar MX-P
  • Backhand Rubber - Yasaka Rakza 7/Nittaku Fastarc G1

Weight of this Table tennis racket setup would be approx 192 gms.

Stiga Official Introduction Video
Review of Carbonado by Dan of TableTennisDaily

Dan has shared a very good youtube review about both the carbonado blades. Check them below

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