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The new GKI Green Hunt vs GKI Offensive XX?

The new GKI Green Hunt vs GKI Offensive XX?

GKI Green Hunt is a new entry in the list of the GKI premade rackets series. What’s special about this racket is the Green and Black rubber combination which was not present in the GKI rackets before. ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation) recently approved colored rackets and multiple pro are already using different colors. Professional player Aruna Quadri is already using Green and Black Combination. In this review, we will talk about GKI Green Hunt and which one is better compared to GKI offensive XX/GKI Kungfu DX.

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About GKI Green Hunt

GKI Green Hunt is first Green Rubber Table Tennis Racquet in India by GKI with a better quality than most of the other brand rackets in it’s price segment. Let’s explore more about this racket -

  • Build quality

GKI Green Hunt is an all wood blade with green and black rubbers. The rubber quality is better than GKI KungFu DX and GKI Fasto rackets. The build quality is much better as this is the latest product engineered by GKI Industries. It weights around 270gms and comes with Sanso technology handle grip which is a flared handle.

  • Spin

The official rating from GKI is Speed 92, Spin 90, Control 96 and it is very decent rating in this price. Based on the gameplay, I can definitely say that this racket feels much like GKI Offensive XX and you can hit chops very easily. The looping part is also completely same as GKI offensive XX as it feels like GKI offensive XX rubbers.

  • Speed

You will definitely feel this racket is awesome in flat hitting. I had a pleasure of using this green beast for attacking nospin and less chop balls with ease and power! It’s a racket that can give you powerful strokes like Offensive XX.

Question: Is GKI Green Hunt approved by TTFI(Table Tennis Federation of India)?

Answer: Yes, GKI Green Hunt is approved by TTFI and can be used in any tournament in India.

Question: Is GKI Green Hunt approved by ITTF?

Answer: No, GKI Green Hunt is not approved by ITTF rackets which means you can’t use this racket in international tournaments. You should check for GKI Euro XX or custom racket if you want an ITTF approved racket and participate at international level.

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  • Durability

Like almost all GKI rackets, this racket would be durable for a very long period of time. I have used this racket for almost a month and the racket is still in highest quality. In general, if you want to preserve your racket characteristics, you should definitely clean your racket regularly.

  • Cost

The cost of GKI Green Hunt is around INR 1000 - INR 1220 on Amazon. Check latest prices here It comes with a plastic bag and you can store 2-3 table tennis balls in the bag. I would not recommend you to store more than 3 balls as it might to hard for the racket case.


In my view, GKI Green Hunt is a positive step from GKI industries in bringing new colors in their premade rackets. GKI Green Hunt racket is much better than GKI KungFu DX in all departments and highly recommended for people who are learning to create their strokes and improve as well. This racket is almost similar to GKI Offensive XX in playing characteristics and Will definitely appeal you if you want a fresh colored table tennis racket.

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