Level Up Your Game With TTFit App

Level Up Your Game With TTFit App

Level Up with your game with TTFit App that has been developed by leading qualified coaches. TTFit has table tennis videos for all level of players and some very interesting interviews from top players and coaches.

TTFit has been developed by leading qualified coaches alongside top World Ranked players demoing the exercises including Bai He, previous top WR50 player and current Slovakian National Champion. TTFit consists of 70+ Table Tennis specific exercises, all beautifully presented with ultra-slow motion videos detailed with descriptions and captions.

These state of the art video tutorials include Table Tennis exercises, tailor-made in-hall fitness exercises and workouts to better improve your game. Our leading coaches and development team have formed over 40 pre-made training sessions all with the end goal of improvement in mind. These sessions focus on the various aspects of your game, including but not limited to; Service, Receive, Third Ball, Flicking, Reactions, Control, Forehand, Backhand, Touch and Push.

How can TTFit App help you improve?

TTFit have a diverse range of tools in our App to help you improve as a player & coach.

Session Planner

We have developed many high-level session plans for players. TTFit has now invested in creating a Create Your Own session feature.

Drills & Exercises

We have many Table Tennis specific drills and exercises to help you improve many aspects of your game.

Knowledge Of The Game

A dedicated team of journalists and researchers working on content. Check out our interviews with top players and coaches.

Boost your knowledge

Interesting interviews and articles with the World’s best

Table Tennis Fit has put together an excellent team of journalists and researchers to gain better insight into the world of Table Tennis. Our App features weekly articles on many interesting topics plus we try to interview many top coaches and players each week!

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