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Powerpacked Commentary Team of MLTT Season 2023-24

Powerpacked Commentary Team of MLTT Season 2023-24

It’s a matter of few days and their will be the kick off of the very first table tennis league in United Stated of America which was announced First ever Professional Table Tennis League lauches in USA. The commentary team for the event is announced and it features some of the famous table tennis names like Adam-Bobrow, Matt Hetherington. It also features some of the famous names in sports & commentary Sean O’Neill & Evan Lepler.

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MLTT posted on their instagram about the commentary team for season 2023-2024.

Today, we officially announced our broadcast team. These are the next voices you’ll hear on MLTT broadcasts and inside our arenas! 🎙️ - MLTT instagram

Below are the bio of the commentary team for Major League Table Tennis :

  • Evan Lepler – Play by Play Commentator – With nearly a decade of high-level ACC football and basketball play-by-play experience, Evan has worked alongside many of the premier analysts across college athletics. He also proudly carries the title as the “Voice of Ultimate,” as the primary commentator for the AUDL since 2013.

  • Sean O’Neill – Color Commentator – Sean has served as a Table Tennis Analyst NBC Sports Group for five different Olympic games. He’s also a Two-time Olympian himself and has carved an enviable athletic legacy, with 5 US titles in Singles and Men’s Doubles, 6-time US Mixed Doubles champion, and a North American Singles Championship in 1990.

  • Matt Hetherington – Color Commentator – A linchpin in the world of table tennis, Matt Hetherington boasts an impressive resume. Playing for the New Zealand National Team, Social Media Influencer, and formerly the Media and Communications Director at USATT. His voice has not only resonated across social media but has also provided insightful commentary at high-profile events. From USATT and NCTTA championships to international platforms like World Championships and Bundesliga matches.

  • Adam Bobrow – Emcee and Fan Engagement – Adam is well known globally as the “Voice of Table Tennis” in part for his insightful commentary work with ITTF, his incredibly popular YouTube channel, and his devotion to the sport. Adam will be bringing a ton of excitement to MLTT and we look forward to fans trying to take him on during halftime of our events in our “Challenge Adam” matches.

This is very exciting to see the first ever Table Tennis League in USA.


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