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First ever Professional Table Tennis League lauches in USA

First ever Professional Table Tennis League lauches in USA

Everyone has heard about the Major league Baseball(MLB) for sure but we have got a really interesting news. For the first time ever, USA will be having it’s first professional table tennis league called as Major League Table Tennis (MLTT). This is a major step for USA table tennis as this will definitely improve table tennis scene in USA. USA is going all out these days with MLB, MLS(Major League Soccer), MLC(Major League Cricket) and now MLTT (Major League Table Tennis).

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New professional league will consist of 8 teams in cities throughout the US with top US and International players competing for over $250,000 in prize money. MLTT Website

Table tennis has been an Olympic sport since 1988 and is one of the most viewed sports in the world, watched by hundreds of millions of people on an annual basis. MLTT will be the first professional table tennis league in the United States, featuring elite US and international players, including Olympic athletes and national champions, all competing in an innovative team based format culminating in a Final Four showdown in 2024.

This interactive and star-studded event was created with the fans in mind, and those attending league games will experience the same thrills and energy that made table tennis a beloved fixture on the international sports scene. Teams from eight cities will battle it out, thrilling audiences with their incredible skill and dexterity as world-class athletes. The league promises to deliver unforgettable moments that will leave fans breathless.

Powered by cutting-edge technology advances, MLTT will leverage the latest advancements in science and innovative technologies to transform the game completely. The players will have access to top-of-the-line equipment, and the live matches will be broadcasted and streamed in high definition, putting the viewers right in the middle of the action. Fans can expect a new level of excitement and energy.

MLTT Teams

MLTT will feature 8 teams split into East and West Divisions competing in a regular season from September 2023 thru March 2024. The two top teams from each division will compete in the Final Four in April 2024 for the coveted MLTT Cup and $100,000 in prize money.


  • Carolina Gold Rush
  • Princeton Revolution
  • Florida Crocs
  • Chicago Wind WEST DIVISION
  • Portland Power
  • Seattle Spinners
  • Texas Smash
  • Bay Area Blasters

MLTT Players

Currently the below three international players have signed for MLTT.

  • Daniel Gonzalez
  • Enzo Angles
  • Damien Provost

We will probably see stars such as Kanak Jha, Nikhil Kumar, Lily Zhang, Amy Wang but let’s wait for the announcement from MLTT.

MLTT Format

Currently it seems like the format would be a league format for the 8 teams similar to ultimate table tennis which has 6 teams. The top 4 teams in points tally will be called Final Four. Final four teams will compete in semi finals and finals.

MLTT Schedule

MLTT Schedule is announced with first match starting in Florida and final match happening at South Carolina.

  • Sept.15-17: East Division, Ocean Center, Daytona Beach
  • Sept. 22-24: West Division, Kaiser Permanente Arena, Santa Cruz, California
  • Oct. 13-15: East Division, Myrtle Beach Sports Center, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Oct. 27-29: West Division, Merrell Center, Houston, Texas
  • Nov. 10-12: East Division, Wintrust Sports Complex, Chicago
  • Nov. 17-19: West Division, Alameda County, East of Oakland, California
  • Dec. 1-3: Cross Division, Rock Hill Sports Center, Rock Hill, South Carolina

MLTT Commentary

MLTT has a list of heavy weight commentary team with the first announcement being Adam Bobrow, one of the most recognized voice of table tennis will be providing commentary for this event.

MLTT’s showcase on ‘The Ocho’ is a long-awaited chapter for table tennis in the U.S. Globally, table tennis is massively popular and I’m thrilled that MLTT is bringing professional table tennis to the US.

  • Adam Bobrow

When will Major League Table Tennis start?

MLTT Season 1 will start from September 2023 - March 2024. The two top teams from each division will compete in the Final Four in April 2024.

MLTT Prize Money

MLTT with feature over $250,000 in prize money, MLTT will be the most lucrative table tennis competition in America.

Are you excited for this amazing table tennis league in America?


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