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Team China Training in Qatar

Team China Training in Qatar

Team China is currently training in Qatar due to coronavirus. Some of the photos shared by chinese team on Instagram are below. Credits to respective Instagram Accounts.

The Qatar Table Tennis Association (QTTA) has helped to arrange a high-quality training environment for the Chinese team with just a single day’s notice, after receiving confirmation from the Chinese team on its plans. This includes a 15-table set up, the best facilities for physical training, rehabilitation, medical equipment, meals and accommodation.

“We are very grateful for all the assistance provided to us during this time of difficulty. We didn’t expect that they could prepare the venue, tables and facilities for us within such a short period of time. The tables that we are using for training are those that will be used at the Qatar Open. QTTA has even given us all two thousand balls that they had in storage for us to train. It might be a common situation in China but it’s very heart-warming, especially during this particular period and we really appreciate all this help from our international friends.” – CTTA President, Liu Guoliang

“Everybody worked hard to find a good solution for our friends in China when we knew that the situation had become very difficult. It wasn’t easy in the short time we had, but we did it! It was an amazing job for them to do this in such a short time. It doesn’t matter if it’s China or any other country, when there’s any big disaster or problem, we always try our best to help our brothers and sisters out.” – ITTF CEO, Steve Dainton

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