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100 years! London will host ITTF World Championships in 2026

100 years! London will host ITTF World Championships in 2026

After 100 years, the ITTF World Championships Finals will happen in 2026 in the city of London where the first World Championships happened in 1926.

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Bangkok and London presented the bid for the ITTF World Table Tennis Championships Finals 2026 at ITTF Summit. The significance of this event transcends mere competition, as it coincides with the ITTF’s 100th year, elevating it to a momentous milestone that celebrates the sport’s rich history and vibrant future. Watch the bids video below from ITTF

The winner of the bid was London for 2026.

London’s bid exudes nostalgia and significance. Not having hosted the event since 1954, London’s call to bring the championships back to its historic heart is profound. As the city that hosted the inaugural edition of the ITTF World Championships Finals 1926, London’s bid marks the event’s centennial year with a full circle of significance. The iconic Wembley Arena, known for its history of hosting top-level sporting and entertainment events, promises a mesmerising backdrop that will etch lasting memories. The accessibility of the venue, surrounded by accommodation options, aligns perfectly with London’s aim to bring table tennis to the community, making it more accessible and inviting. With a vision to create an atmosphere that transcends the event’s duration, London envisions a legacy that will kindle a passion for table tennis and inspire generations to embrace the sport’s wonderful spirit. ITTF Website

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to every participant who contributed to the success of the Summit,. Our dedicated management team and elected representatives are united in propelling the advancement of our field, and these invaluable instances of unity fortify our alignment with strategic goals. A special thanks to Thailand for providing an exceptional platform that facilitated a seamless exchange of ideas among us all.

  • Steve Dainton, ITTF Group CEO


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