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Adriana Díaz joined Team Kyoto in Japan T League Official

Adriana Díaz joined Team Kyoto in Japan T League Official

Adriana Díaz, the 22 year old Puerto Rico Table Tennis star has decided to join the Nojima T-League, Table tennis league in Japan. The current world rank #13 will be playing for Team Kyoto in 2023 season.

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Adriana Díaz Journey and Table Tennis Clubs

Adriana Díaz is a Puerto Rican table tennis prodigy. Born in 2000, The 22-year-old, ranked 16th in the women’s singles world standings at the end of March, was just 15 when she qualified to play at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, one of the youngest table tennis Olympians at that tournament alongside fellow-15-year-old Ito Mima of Japan. Known for her exceptional skills and determination, Díaz gained international attention with her performances. She secured victories at various international tournaments and broke into the top echelons of the world rankings. Apart from her national teams, Adriana Díaz has previously played for Zhengding Table Tennis, China (2017–2018) and Dabang Smashers T.T.C., UTT India (2018). In 2023, Adriana decided to join the Team Kyoto in Nojima T-League, Japan. She recently wrote on her instagram -

So excited to join the T League this season and proudly represent Team Kyoto @kaguyalyze 💜💚 Can’t wait to get started! 頑張ろう!

About Nojima T League

The Nojima T-League in Japan, sponsored by Nojima Corporation, is a dynamic table tennis league established in 2018. It features six teams of international and domestic players, sparking intense rivalries. The T-League aims to promote local talent and elevate table tennis in Japan.

Congratulation Adriana on joining Team Kyoto in T League Official.

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