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Mattias Falck wins WTT Contender event for the first time!

Mattias Falck wins WTT Contender event for the first time!

The WTT Contender - Rio De Janeiro 2023 is now over and Mattias Falck is crowned the Men’s Champion in Singles Category. This is the first time the World Rank #24 has won the WTT Contender singles title. Recently Marcos Frietas won the WTT Contender event for the very first time. Let’s look at the journey of Falck in the event.

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WTT Contender Rio De Janeiro - Men’s Singles

Mattias Falck defeated Sora Matsushima in the final of the Men’s Singles category at WTT Contender Rio de Janeiro 2023. The match was a complete ping pong with Sora Matsushima playing amazing against an experienced and powerful opponent. But ultimately Mattias proved to be strong against Sora with his powerful forehand attacks and resulting in a 4-2 victory. The win makes for Falck’s first WTT Series title of his career.

Mattias Falck 10 14 11 9 11 11
Sora Matsushima 12 12 9 11 6 7

I am really happy of course, it was a great time for me, I played really well from the beginning, this is my first title on the WTT tour, so I am really happy.

  • Mattias Falck told WTT

WTT Contender Rio De Janeiro - Women’s Singles

Another interesting matchup was Hina Hayata vs Linda Bergstrom. The top seed and the World Rank #9 , Hayata from Japan defeated Linda in a 4-1 scorecard in the Rio tournament.

Hina Hayata 9 11 11 11 11
Linda Bergstrom 11 6 3 8 4

It’s my first time here in Rio, and I’m happy to be able to win with so many people cheering me on.

  • Hina Hayata told WTT


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