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Will Zhang Jike play again at competitive level?

Will Zhang Jike play again at competitive level?

China’s Zhang Jike is major player in the history of table tennis to achieve a career Grand Slam when he won gold in men’s singles at the Olympic games in London 2012. But Zhang Jike has been missing in action since 2018. Recently Zhang Jike was spotted in spectators in China marvelous 12 2020 but he has been missing in action.

He has not participated in any major event since that time. Zhang Jike earned a record US$9 million (HK$70.6 million) in prize money and endorsements in 2016. A lot of things were speculated when table tennis superstar Zhang Jike and movie star Jing Tian announced they were in a relationship on Weibo with a well-timed reveal in 2018.

Zhang Jike on Weibo

Jing is one of China’s biggest movie stars and has successfully made the switch to the big screen in Hollywood. She has already played prominent roles in the Pacific Rim and Kong movie franchises and is tipped for more big roles in the US.

Do you think Zhang Jike will play Table Tennis again at competitive level?

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