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It’s finally Marcos Freitas time!

It’s finally Marcos Freitas time!

Well, what a journey this has been for super talented Marcos Freitas who has finally lifted his first WTT Series Singles title 🏆 on 6th August 2023.

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Marcos Gameplay and Ball change

Marcos, currently World Rank #30 from Portugal, is one of the players who was affected heavily from the change of plastic balls. At professional level, these things drastically change the way the game is played and players like Zhang Jike, Jun Mizutani, Marcos Freitas are some of the players who love hitting balls a little later than top of the bounce. Marcos used to be consistent under top WR #15 player. Finally Marcos got his first WTT Contender Title in Lima, Peru.

Tournament Journey of Marcos

Marcos Freitas vs Victor Ishiy (Round of 32)

In round of 32, Marcos defeated Victoy Ishiy from Brazil in 4 game match with a victory of 3-1.

Marcos Freitas 11 11 6 11
Victor Ishiy 9 5 11 7

Marcos Freitas vs Alexis Lebrun (Round of 16)

One of the most thrilling match of this event was against the young sensation Alexis Lebrun of France. Marcos really struggled in the third set against Alexis and was unable to counter Alexis fast game play. In the later half, Marcos tried attacking every third balls and attacked Lebrun’s serves with Chiquita backhand. This allowed him to get a higher success in fourth game and Marcos finally dominated in the fifth set.

Marcos Freitas 11 9 4 11 11
Alexis Lebrun 9 11 11 8 8

Marcos Freitas vs Lim Jonghoon (Quarterfinals)

Lim Jonghoon tested Marcos to the limit after first dominating him in first game. Marcos tried to take the match to longer rally’s in rest of the match by not giving Lim changes to attack on the half-long balls. This proved to be a game changer for Marcos and he dominated the longer rally’s with his spinny gameplay.

Marcos Freitas 3 11 9 11 11
Lim Jonghoon 11 8 11 7 4

Marcos Freitas vs Jonathan Groth (Semifinals)

Very close game which was fought equally well by Groth but ultimately dominated by Marcos.

Marcos Freitas 19 11 14
Jonathan Groth 17 8 12

Marcos Freitas vs Kao Cheng Jui (Final)

In the final, Marcos defeated Kao Cheng Jui from Taipai in 5 game match with a victory of 4-1 and ultimately took the title.

Marcos Freitas 5 11 14 11 11
Kao Cheng Jui 11 8 12 9 5

Congratulation Marcos on first ever WTT singles trophy 🏆.

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