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Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto is now World Rank #2

Japan’s Tomokazu Harimoto is now World Rank #2

2022 has been an year of amazing table tennis action with so many WTT events and millions of dollars in prizes. Lots of players have made impact in 2022 with a series of championships wins and upsets. It seems like young players are now taking over the older generation with so many promising players in the top 10 list. Below are the top ranked players in 2022 -

World Rank #2 -

Tomokazu Harimoto has gained a much deserved World rank #2 after a spectacular 2022 with an overall 4550 points and taking over Ma Long who is now ranked #3. We will see a lot more of the Japanese superstar in 2023 for sure.

World Rank #4 -

Wang Chuqin has been a dominant force in 2022 with winning both the WTT Champions Macao 2022 and WTT Cup Finals Xinxiang 2022, he is now World Rank #4 and one of the strongest players from Chinese National Team even though he is younger player. Will Xiang Peng rise to occasion in 2023, we will see more in future.

World Rank #5 -

Truls Moregard has reached top stages of almost all event in 2022 and would probably be one of the most interesting players in 2023 who can topple the top rankings. Currently ranked #5, the Swedish is still going strong.

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World Rank #1 -

China’s Fan Zhendong is still World Rank Number #1 with 7700 points with a whopping difference of 3150 points between him and Tomokazu Harimoto. It will be quite difficult to overtake WR #1 for any other player for now.


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