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Cho Seungmin advances to the semifinals of WTT Contender Rio de Janerio

Cho Seungmin advances to the semifinals of WTT Contender Rio de Janerio

Cho Seungmin, the current World Rank #38 Korean Ping Pong star advances to quarterfinal’s of WTT Contender Rio De Janerio 2023. Cho is currently in one of the best forms and has done some of the biggest upsets in current tournament.

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WTT Contender Rio De Janerio - QuaterFinals

Patrick Franziska was ultimately stopped by Cho Seungmin in the Quaterfinal of Rio de Janerio 2023 where Cho Defeated Patrick in 3-1 set score.

Cho Seungmin 11 7 11 11
Patrick Franziska 8 11 7 8

WTT Contender Rio De Janerio - Round of 16

Simon Gauzy, WR #32 gave a strong fight to Cho in the Round of 16. Simon defeated Lubomir Pistej in the Round of 32 in a very close game. Simon and Cho Seungmin both have a smooth attacking technique and were equally strong in parts of the game. Ultimately Cho Seungmin cracked the game with long serves and converted the match in victory.

Cho Seungmin 12 4 14 3 11
Simon Gauzy 10 11 12 11 4

WTT Contender Rio De Janerio - Round of 32

Cho Seungmin faced the top seed of the tournament, Hugo Calderano. Hugo, the WR #5 was also the home favorite to win the tournament but was stopped in his very first match of the tournament. Cho has a powerful serves which causes Hugo a lot of problems in returns and this also allowed Cho Seungmin to make third ball attacks. Hugo tactics were lacking against Cho as most of the time Hugo tried to place powerful forhand away from table which didn’t cause much problems to Cho and resulted in 3-1 victory for Cho Seungmin.

Hugo Calderano 11 11 3 9
Cho Seungmin 7 13 11 11

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Cho Seungmin will now face Sora Matsushima of Japan in WTT Contender Rio De Janerio 2023.

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