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GKI Offensive XX - Review of the #1 entry level racket

GKI Offensive XX - Review of the #1 entry level racket

GKI Offensive XX is the most sold racket of the GKI brand and the most used racket by players at schools, colleges and offices. GKI Offensive XX is a TTFI (Table Tennis Federation of India) approved racket means you can use it state and national level competitions in India. In this review, we will discuss about how good is GKI Offensive XX starting Table Tennis player and is Offensive XX the best choice for you.

About GKI Offensive XX

GKI Offensive is an all round racket in 1000 -1200 Rs range racket from GKI Industries with a high build quality of the racket and a flared handle. Let’s explore more about this racket in terms of technical aspects -

  • Build quality

GKI Offensive XX is an all wood racket with red and black color rubbers. The rubber quality is far better than GKI Fasto, GKI Dragon and GKI KungFu DX rackets. This racket comes in a grey yellowish handle with a beautiful check pattern on one side. The blade of Euro XX is a 3 ply layer all wood blade. If you want a green and black rubber combination, then you should check New GKI Green Hunt racket.

Question: Is GKI Offensive XX approved by TTFI(Table Tennis Federation of India)?

Answer: Yes, GKI Offensive XX is approved by TTFI and can be used in any tournament in India.

  • Spin

GKI Offensive XX is an attacking racket and you will be able to smash all sort of spinning shots from the opponent. If you are beginner, then this racket will help you improve your game. You can do backspin chops and also do really good service with this racket. This racket is recommended for players who want to develop an attacking game with a decent quality defense as well. Once you learn to play with this racket, you can also make heavy topspin shots with this racket but you will need to use lots of body strength to do that.

  • Speed

This is a fast racket and you can dominate with serve and attack strategy. You will be easily able to do drive shots with this racket and this racket can absorb some amount of incoming spin because of all wood ply.

Question: Is GKI Offensive XX better than GKI Euro V?

Answer: GKI Offensive XX is more of an attacking racket than GKI Euro V. The blocking ability of Euro V is much better and it can absorb more spin but speed of GKI Offensive XX is little bit faster. So if you prefer more attacking gameplay, then GKI Offensive XX. If you prefer a balanced gameplay, then GKI Euro V is a better choice.

  • Durability

GKI Offensive XX is a very durable racket and you will be able to use it for 3-4 years. You should also use good quality table tennis balls with the racket as broken balls will damage your rackets rubber. If you are not sure, at least use branded One Star or Three Star Table Tennis Balls.

  • Cost

The cost of GKI Offensive XX is around INR 1000 - INR 1200 and it is available on Amazon IndiaCheck latest prices here.

You will get a yellow color plasic table tennis cover with this racket and you can put 2-3 balls in that bag.


GKI Offensive XX is an OFF (Offensive) racket that offers a more attacking gameplay and some degrees of blocking as well.

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Remember to enjoy playing table tennis as that’s what this game is all about. 🙌

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