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Major League Table Tennis(MLTT) kicks off in Florida | Day 1

Major League Table Tennis(MLTT) kicks off in Florida | Day 1

Major League Table Tennis (MLTT) kicks off it’s first season in Daytona Beach, Florida. MLTT is the first professional table tennis league in USA with some of the top table tennis players from around the world fighting for $100,000 prize money. On the very first day, the action happened with intense match up in East and West Divisions.

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The MLTT will be played in multiple seasons based on the full Schedule and will feature teams to play in different areas such as Florida, California, South Carolina, Texas & Chicago. The first season is ongoing at Daytona Beach, Florida from September 15-17, 2023.

Major League Table Tennis(MLTT) Day 1 Results

Day 1 saw action of 4 teams, Carolina Gold Rush, Chicago Wind, Princeton Revolution & Florida Crocs. Results of the game are below -

  • Carolina Gold Rush defeated Chicago Wind with a dominant 16 -5 scoreline.
  • Florida Crocs win the game on Day 1 after defeating Princeton Revolution with a 14-7 scoreline.

I am of course really proud and really happy, most importantly for the team. - sFrench player of Romain Lorentz of Carolina Gold Rush

The expectations around, even if it’s not really expectations for results, it’s also an expectation about show because my game has a lot of beautiful points. - French player Enzo Angle of Carolina Gold Rush

The second day of Week 1 will see the matchups get flipped, with the Crocs taking on the Gold Rush and the Revolution facing the Wind. After each day of competition and experience gained, the league has aims to soar higher and higher from this launching point.

Major League Table Tennis(MLTT) Live Broadcast

All Major League Table Tennis matches are live broadcast on their Official Youtube channel. The full match video is below from MLTT youtube channel -

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