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How to beat a blocker in a match?

How to beat a blocker in a match?

Blocker, a player who blocks all sort of shots you throw at them. The blockers are tricky, they do everything to make your life difficult. They even suck the energy out of you! If you want to win, they will make you put 100% of on the table. When you see some of the majestic blocks in youtube video of players like Jan Ove Waldner or Koki Niwa or Kenta Matsudaria, you feel it is easy but it is really difficult and these guys are exceptional talents. What if you face such a blocker and what tactic you should follow to beat them? Let’s look at those in this article.

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I have faced blockers myself in multiple occasions, some of them were returning the easy ball back to me and they were easy to beat but some of them were really tricky as they did variety of stuff with their blocks. To fight the blockers, you need to have a versatile game. Below are the five tactics you can follow to beat them -

  • Varied Spin and Placement
  • Change the Tempo
  • Effective Footwork
  • Strategic Serving
  • Mental Toughness

Varied Spin and Placement

Effective shot placement and spin variation are critical when facing a blocker. Use the following techniques:

  • Placement: Instead of trying to overpower the blocker, focus on placing the ball precisely where they are not present. For the right handed player, aim for the corners, especially the wide forehand and backhand corners. Vice versa for left handed player.
  • Spin Variation: Incorporate different spins on your shots such as topspin, backspin, and sidespin depending of how the blocker is returning the ball. Varying the spin on your serves and rallies will make it harder for the blocker to prepare the racket angle and the ball’s trajectory will be difficult to predict.

Change the Tempo

Blockers survive on controlling the game and taking away opportunity from you. Altering the pace of your shots can disrupt the blocker’s rhythm and make it more challenging for them to control the game. Implement the following strategies:

  • Fast and Slow Balls: Mix fast and slow shots during rallies. A sudden change from a slow, controlled shot to a fast one can catch the blocker off guard.
  • Tempo Shifts: Occasionally, increase the pace of the game with a series of quick attacks, then slow it down with a defensive shot to keep the blocker guessing.

Effective Footwork

Good footwork is essential for positioning yourself optimally and maintaining balance. Consider the following footwork principles:

  • Anticipation: Try to anticipate the blocker’s shots based on their positioning and body language. This will help you move into the right position more efficiently.
  • Quick Recovery: Once of the important thing is to find your favorite balanced position. After each shot, quickly return to a balanced position to be prepared for the next ball.

Strategic Serving

As it is the case with defeating a topspiner, your serves are the starting point of every point and can set the tone for the rally. Here’s how to serve strategically:

  • Deception: Develop deceptive serves that are difficult for the blocker to read. Practice various spins, speeds, and placements to keep them uncertain.
  • Variety: Use a variety of serves throughout the match to prevent the blocker from getting comfortable with your serving patterns.

Mental Toughness

Staying mentally strong is crucial when facing a blocker, as they may aim to frustrate you! Consider these mental aspects:

  • Composure: Maintain composure even if your attacks are not immediately successful. Keep your emotions in check and stay focused on your game plan.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared to adjust your strategies during the match based on what is working and what isn’t. Stay flexible and open to change.


Beating a blocker is easy if you are able to find their weakness and adjust your game accordingly. It is very difficult if the blocker is able to understand your tactics and he is also adapting to your game. You need to be tactically strong and take instant decisions to win such battle. The winner will be the one who is ready to put their best on the table. 😇

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