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How to beat a topspiner in a match?

How to beat a topspiner in a match?

Topspiner, a player who plays lots of topspin shots in most of his attacks. Phew, at amateur and intermediate level, you will not find too many of these types of players. But you will find so many of these at State/National/International level. What if you face such a topspiner and what tactic you should follow to beat them? Let’s look at those in this article.

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Facing a topspin player in table tennis can be a formidable challenge, but in a match it’s also the best opportunity to grow as a player. Being a topspiner myself, I have had my fair share of matches that gained me success and resulted in losses as well. I’ve learned that success against them often comes down to strategy, adaptability, and mental strength. My main opponents who had success were divided in two categories

  • Blockers (Using anti-rubbers/pimpled rubber/plain blocks using inverted rubber)
  • Counter topspin player

If you see from above, you need to

Let’s look at all those things in details in this post.

Develop a Solid Defensive Game

One of the key aspects of beating a topspin player is developing a strong defensive game. You’ll want to spend time

  • Polish your blocking and counter-looping skills.
  • Make sure you can effectively return those spinning shots by tilting the racket angle required based on the spin.
  • Footwork is crucial here as being able to swiftly move into the right position can make the difference between a successful return and a missed opportunity.

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Mix Up Your Shots

To keep your opponent on their toes, it’s essential to mix up your shots. Don’t rely solely on defensive play; vary your shots with topspin, backspin, sidespin, and flat hits. This unpredictability can disrupt your opponent’s rhythm and force them to adjust constantly. However, don’t forget to balance aggression with control. It’s tempting to go for aggressive shots, but avoid overcommitment to risky attacks.

Control the Pace

Controlling the pace of the game is another key element. Change the speed and placement of your shots to dictate the tempo. Slowing down or speeding up the ball can make it more challenging for your opponent to execute their topspin shots effectively. Use this to your advantage.

Serve with Strategy

Serving strategically is an art that you’ll definitely want to master. Develop a variety of serves with different spins and placements to keep your opponent guessing. Deceptive serves can set you up for favorable rallies and give you an edge. Maintain your focus, stay composed under pressure, and believe in your abilities.

Practice and Experience

Practice makes perfect!

Never underestimate the power of practice and experience. Regularly playing against topspin players will help you improve your skills and become more comfortable facing their shots. Don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from professional matches and instructional materials. Learning from others can provide valuable insights into handling topspin players effectively.


Beating a topspin player is a challenge that takes strategy and laser eye focus on your opponent’s playing style throughout the match. Adapt your strategy as needed and take note of their tendencies. The more you learn during the game, the better equipped you’ll be to make informed decisions. Embrace the challenge and you will be able find yourself becoming more adept at countering those spinning shots in no time. This should help you to beat the topspin opponent.

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