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Betting in Table Tennis, is it really worth it?

Betting in Table Tennis, is it really worth it?

TTCrunch is back with another interesting post, this time it’s around Table Tennis Betting! After all, who doesn’t mind making free money right? Well this post is about what the deal about betting some bucks in table tennis & should you really do it? Let’s dig into this post.

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Why do you want to bet money in table tennis?

There are a few questions that you should really task yourself

  • Do you really want to money in table tennis?
  • Do you love the sport & want to enjoy it even more?
  • Do you want to make money from betting in table tennis?
  • Have you thought what could you really gain from this if you don’t bet.
  • Do you have the appetite to digest a small loss?

Apart from playing table tennis, these things you should really think if you want to bet money in table tennis and you should decide this for yourself.

What are the benefits of betting money in table tennis?

The benefits of betting in table tennis are quite interesting if you have money to spare. Let’s discuss a few on them.

1. Betting adds Entertainment and Engagement

If you have bet money on any sports, you will get more thrill out of the game. This adds up the excitement to watching matches & support your favorite player. People also play fantasy sports just to enjoy the game. For cricket, it has done wonders for multiple fantasy gaming companies.

  • Question: Does Dream11 allows Table Tennis?
  • Answer: Unfortunately No, Dream11 only allows Cricket, Hockey, Baseball, Basketball for now..
2. Betting increases Ping Pong Knowledge

When people bet on table tennis matches, they do analysis of the players & their history of winning/losing against certain opponents. For example, Ma Long vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov has always been a one way ride!

NOTE: Keep in mind to bet only what you afford to lose.

3. Betting can give Financial Gain:

The most interesting part is making money. Table Tennis odds are usually pretty easy to gain money if you know more about technical aspects. There are not many people who are technically involved in such sports and if you have good understanding, you may have an edge over other betters.

ADVICE - Betting comes with risks, so responsible gambling is essential.

Are there Potential Risks of betting money?

Before we go further, the most important thing is to know the risks of betting. The two bigger downsides are Losing Money & Addiction. If you are responsible in general with betting, it could be entertaining & rewarding. But if you are not, then it can hurt you heavily so make a conscious decision on betting any money.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This article of TTCrunch discusses about the table tennis betting, TTCrunch doesn’t recommend or encourage in any sort of betting/gambling.

Conclusion about betting in table tennis

Table tennis betting can be an exciting way to engage with the sport and potentially make a profit. Remember to start with small bets, do your research to enjoy a safe and enjoyable betting experience.

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