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Lost 11-0 in table tennis.. Don’t lose hope!

Lost 11-0 in table tennis.. Don’t lose hope!

Table tennis is a very interesting and enjoyable game but definitely losing is hard. Losing is hard anyways but losing 11-0 is painful. Do you love table tennis? If you love something, losing in such a way is hurting. Have you ever lost in table tennis with such a huge margin? Well, don’t lose hope, this post is about losing 11-0 and what to do next.

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Inspirational Story

Sports teach us about the joy of winning and pain of losing. You grow when you accept both aspects of life. But if you lose 11-0, there can be many things that could be the reason. There is a great anime that talks about table tennis. I wrote about this anime long time ago - Do you know him?. You should definitely watch this as this anime talks about a lot of table tennis aspects.

Analyzing the downfall

First of all, you shouldn’t give up & you need to be willing to go further in your table tennis journey. Many professional players have lost 11-0 in professional games & they all came back stronger, so don’t sweat if you lost 11-0. What you need to do is analyze your game and reason for your losing. It could be because of multiple reasons -

  • You were not in the best form
  • You were not in the right mindset
  • Your opponent read your game completely
  • Your opponent was in the rhythm of his game
  • The opponent was way above your league

If you have a video tape, than it is even better as you can clearly see what was happening from a bird eye view. Once you analyze, you need to form an action plan.

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Action Plan to rise up!

The action plan for your recovery depends on the reason you lost -

  • If you lose because your opponent was very strong, then the answer is clear. You need to get stronger and that’s the first path of your improvement. Get a coach if you don’t have one & go with a guided coaching plan.

  • If you lost because of mental reasons, then it’s all about your attitude. You need to rest, be calm & develop a character. You need to get back to basics and start enjoying the game. Your mindset will decide what happens in game. You didn’t took one point because of mental reasons & if you forgot, in table tennis everyone gets two serves. So it’s not the end of the game if you lost one or two points. Your attitude should always be to win the game even at 10-0 scoreline & athletes have made comeback on 10-0 as well.

  • Another thing is if you can have a coach during the match, it will be a great help during the game. If you can’t hire a coach, ask one of your friends to be a coach during the match as they can guide you with some important tips.

The strong players have a great attitude to move forward & you will be the champion.


You should not lose hope and tackle this 11-0 as a challenge to move forward in your table tennis journey. Losing is a good way for self improvement & a guide to be a better player.

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