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Review of Stag Ninja Attack - Great for Intermediate Level Players

Review of Stag Ninja Attack - Great for Intermediate Level Players

Stag Ninja Attack is probably one of the most selling rackets from the brand Stag international. It’s is a premade racket with a carry bag. In this article we will talk about Stag Ninja Attack and what level of table tennis player would be most benefited most with this racket.

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About Stag Ninja Attack

Stag Ninja Attack is a mid range cost racket and can be used in international competitions as this racket is ITTF approved. Let’s explore more about this racket -

  • Build quality

Stag Ninja Attack is an all wood blade with Stag Ninja Attack rubbers on both side. The racket comes with a Stag offensive blade which is a 5-ply wood blade.

Question: Is Stag Ninja Attack approved by ITTF?

Answer: Yes, Stag Ninja Attack is ITTF approved racket and you can use it in any TTFI or ITTF tournaments as well.

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  • Spin

The Spin department for this racket is pretty good. You can do almost all shots with this racket because of the spin quality, topspins and loops are pretty enjoyable. If you like to attack from forehand and do chops on backhand, than this racket will definitely be for you.

  • Speed

This racket is sorta like GKI Euro V in this department i.e. it is more towards providing control in gameplay. This is good for spin but lacks power. You will need to use body strength to generate power. One thing you will notice is the handle is not long and you will be able to hold the racket comfortably in your hands.

Question: Stag Ninja Attack vs GKI Euro Rackets?

Answer: Comparing the rubbers quality of this racket with GKI rackets, the quality is definitely better than GKI Offensive and Euro V but comparable with GKI Euro XX. Also Stag Ninja Attack is ITTF approved racket, GKI Offensive is not ITTF approved equipment.

  • Durability

This racket is having a long durability and it has an advantage that you can replace the rubbers from Stag whenever they die out. Stag Ninja Attack rubbers are available on all major online stores.

  • Cost

The cost of Stag Ninja Attack is around INR 2400 on Amazon. Check latest prices here This is a decent price for this racket and you also get a carry back to keep your racket safe from any dirt, moisture and water.

  • My Experience

Stag Ninja Attack is a racket that I personally love as it has a very comfortable handle that I like. This racket also brings back old memories for me, one of my close friend got Stag Ninja Attack. It was interesting racket even at that time for sure as he was able to produce quality shots for a cheaper price and his game was improving at that time.


If you are looking to improve your game and enjoy the sport, you can definitely go forward with Stag Ninja Attack as this is an all round deal at a decent price. Stag is a reputable brand that is known around the world and has sponsored Athletes like Peter Karlsson. With this racket, you can do all the professional level shots but you need to rely on your body strength to generate power. You will have a lot of control in placing the balls on the table.

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