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Sharath Kamal, G. Sathiyan and Neha Aggarwal Play for India Initiative

Sharath Kamal, G. Sathiyan and Neha Aggarwal Play for India Initiative

PlayforIndia Table Tennis initiative is championed by CWG gold medalists Ajantha Sharath Kamal and G. Sathiyan and Olympian Neha Aggarwal. These champions have inspired the next generation of Table Tennis in India and have been instrumental in keeping the Indian flag flying high in the world of Table Tennis. They are teaming up with the GoSports Foundation, an independent non-governmental not-for-profit organization, to champion this cause. The campaign, in partnership with GoSports Foundation , aims to raise Rs 10 lakh and each of the 100 identified people will receive Rs 10000 each.

Initiative on Instagram

Sharath Kamal and G. Sathiyan and Neha Aggarwal shared their initiative on Instagram and Twitter

About the Cause

Sharath Kamal and G. Sathiyan and Olympian Neha Aggarwal aims to raise Rs. 10,00,000 to support 100 of the most vulnerable people within India’s Table Tennis ecosystem whose lives and livelihoods have been put at risk over the recent months. While the impact of Covid-19 is widespread, it has also been severe on those who have been completely dependent on Table Tennis for their livelihood. For all these people, their involvement with Table Tennis is their sole source of income and hence sport is their only hope. The cause wishes to protect and nurture that hope and keep it alive. Intended Beneficiaries

This initiative aims to support 100 coaches, players, umpires, support staff and other TT aspirants from across the country. These beneficiaries will be individually vetted by our cause champions and support will be directed to those who are identified as at-risk and requiring immediate financial assistance. This identification will be undertaken using a trusted network of people within the Indian Table Tennis ecosystem. The initiative will showcase the power of sport and the spirit of fraternity that it symbolizes.

All funds raised will be distributed directly to the verified bank accounts of the identified beneficiaries.

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