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WTT Champions 2022 - It Begins!

WTT Champions 2022 - It Begins!

WTT Star Contendar 2022 just got over but now we have the premier event, WTT Champions - ESS 2022. This event is special, there is no doubles events. Only singles in both Men’s & Women’s Category. The prize money of the event is 500,000$ and only the top players qualified for the champions event are allowed to participate in WTT Champions contests.

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Day 1

On Day 1 of WTT Champions event, there has not been any major upsets except Young talent from Japan Yukia Uda won against Simon Gauzy of France.

Men’s Singles Results Day 1
  • Ma Long won against Robert Gardos (3-0)
  • Krill Gerassimenko won against Sathiyan (3-2)
  • Darko Jorgic won against Andrej Gacina (3-0)
  • Lim Jonghoon took revenge against Aruna Quadri (3-2)
  • Harimoto won against Wong Chung Ting (3-1)
  • Yukia Uda from Japan won against Simon Gauzy (3-1)
  • Dang Qiu won against Anton Kallberg (3-1)
  • Hugo Calderano defeated Omar Assar (3-1)
Women’s Singles Results Day 1
  • Chen Meng has a tough match against Xiaoxin Yang (3-2)
  • Sofia Polcanova won against Geogina Pota (3-0)
  • Xiaona Shan defeated Jia Nan Yuan of France (3-0)
  • Bernadette Szocs won against Hana Goda (3-0)
  • Doo Hoi Kem won against Elizabete Samara (3-0)
  • Lily Zhang won against Petrissa Solja (3-2)
  • Margaryta Pestoska defeated Bruna Takahashi (3-0)

WTT Champions 2022, Day 2 will bring more exciting matches from Round 1.

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