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Master Zhang Jike is back with a lot of coaching !

Master Zhang Jike is back with a lot of coaching !

Do you miss his? Well probably yes, Zhang Jike has been favorite for a lot of table tennis fans. Last time he was spotted at China’s Marvelous 12 in 2020 but he has been missing in table tennis action. Well, the good news is that Zhang Jike is back, but as a coach. Now is your chance to learn some of the techniques from the Olympic Gold Medalist & Grand Slam Winner! 🙌 🎉

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Zhang Jike is back !

A Youtube Channel named @Tutorials.From.Table.Tennis with a bio “Tutorials from table tennis.” recently came online and the photo states “Master Zhang Jike”. The channel has around 4.8k thousand followers.

It looks unlikely that Zhang Jike will again play at competitive level but who knows and we can only hope to see him play.

But for the Zhang Jike & table tennis fans, you have the chance to learn the special backhand and pendulum serve from the master. 🤩

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