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Different WTT events - Feeder/Contender/Champions/Smash?

Different WTT events - Feeder/Contender/Champions/Smash?

In 2020, ITTF released information about a project called WTT which has now changed the outlook of table tennis. These days there are so many WTT events and sometimes it does cause confusion for table tennis enthusiasts about these events. Let’s clear the confusion of different types of WTT events such as Feeder/Contender/Champions/Cup Finals/Grand Smash/ etc.

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WTT series has many events and you can identify the event type with things like prize money, seeded players, color of the event, how many times these are hosted in an year. These events are covered on different platforms such as online or televisions.

NOTE - The events, prize money can change based on WTT decision.

What are WTT Feeder series events

The WTT feeder started in 2022 and it brings a total of around 60 events around different countries. These events are like starting events that brings regional, national, local players to get a break to higher levels. These are also helpful for players to regain their form after a break or an injury. WTT feeder has USD 40,000 of prize money & the Feeder is written in Orange Color. The event is usually 7 day long with 8 tables at the court.

What are WTT Contender series & Star Contender series events

The WTT Contender series is the next level with total of 20 events over the year. There are 14 WTT Contender Events and only 6 WTT Star Contender events. The announcement of venues is based on every quarter. For example for 2024, the WTT Contender events were announced for places around Doha, Goa, Taiyuan, Rio etc. The Contender series is hosted across Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women Doubles and Mixed Doubles competitions with prize money of 75000 USD & USD 250,000 for star Contender. The color code for Contender series are blue. With Star Contender having Blue and Contender having light blue color shade.

NOTE: The WTT Start Contender is a Tier 2 event & WTT Contender is Tier 3 event.

The Contenders are split into two series and offer opportunities for up and coming table tennis players to build confidence and experience on the world stage. From WTT Website

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What are WTT Champions series events

The Tier 1 event, WTT Champions is hosted ever year with 8 event over the year. The Champions series is hosted across Men’s and Women’s Singles category only. Only the top 32 players participate in the event with 30 players selected from World Rankings, 1 Wild Card & 1 WTT Nominations. This is same for both Women’s & Men’s. The prize money in WTT Champions event is around USD 300,000. The color code of the event is purple.

The WTT Champions is the top tier designed for the top players with nearly 5 million dollars on offer. 4 separate female and male events, exclusively for the best 32 players on the planet, will bring world-class entertainment and new-level TV production to spectacular venues. From WTT Website

What are WTT Cup Finals series events

The next event is WTT Cup Finals and this is only having 2 events and held once a year! The Cup FInals are is hosted across Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles & Women’s doubles category only. 16 players participate in Men’s Singles and 16 in Women’s singles and 8 in doubles category each. The prize money for these WTT Cup Finals are USD 340,000. The color code is Red.

What are WTT Grand Smash events

The king of all the event is WTT Grand Smash with a prize money of USD 1,500,000. The color of these is Red with a shattered glass logo. The Grand Smash is hosted across Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s Doubles, Women Doubles and Mixed Doubles competitions. WTT Grand Smash is hosted only once with around 4-5 events and usually it is hosted at Singapore. This is also true for WTT Singapore Smash 2024. This one is a blockbuster 10 day event as you can already guess based on the categories, prize money and all the media attention it gets over the world.

The new pinnacle of professional table tennis. The 10-day event is a perfect mix of the highest-level table tennis, community activation and entertainment. The marquee events that all players want to win and all cities want to host. From WTT Website

Hopefully you now have a knowledge about all these WTT events. Enjoy and keep on watching table tennis. 🤩


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