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Bernadette Szőcs defeats Manika Batra in a 5 set thriller!

Bernadette Szőcs defeats Manika Batra in a 5 set thriller!

In the WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2023, Romanian Table Tennis star Bernadette Szőcs has reached the quarter-finals by defeating India’s Manika Batra in 5 set showdown. This was a spectacular match in which both players were tested to the limit.

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Match Summary

  • Bernadette won the first game with her aggresive attacking play with a 11-4 (Bernadette) victory in first set
  • Manika took control of the second set and she also was able to gain rhythm of her game with a hard fought victory 11-9 (Manika)
  • Bernadette adapted a all out attack in the third game and she didn’t allow Manika to make long pushes which allowed her to gain a comfortable win in the third set 11-7 (Bernadette)
  • The fourth set was still all even and Manika took slight edge in the endgame by winning it 11-9 (Manika)
  • Final set was a showdown of all out attack vs defense from Manika. Ultimately the match went to Bernadette Szőcs (3-2 victory)

Quarter Finals

Bernadette Szőcs will be up against former World No. 1 Chen Meng from China, this will be a real test for Romanian star as she has previously defeated Chen Meng and created a sensation with her victory in table tennis world. Overall Chen Meng has an edge over Bernadette Szőcs with a 2-1 head to head. This will be an interesting matchup in WTT Star Contender Ljubljana 2023.

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