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Wang Chuqin is the New World Rank #1 table tennis player

Wang Chuqin is the New World Rank #1 table tennis player

Finally we have a new world number #1 table tennis player and that is Wang Chuqin from China. Wang Chuqin has been moving around to the top of the ranking criterion for quite some time but China’s** Fan Zhendong** has been the biggest milestone for him to overcome to get the top rankings. Last year, we shared our views about Wang Chuqin in Most interesting table tennis players article. On 4th July 2023, Wang Chuqin finally became the new world number one table tennis player.

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Wang Chuqin Achievements

Wang Chuqin has been a valuable player for the Chinese national table tennis team. He is known for his powerful forehand shots and quick footwork on the table. Wang Chuqin’s success showcases his skill, talent, and potential in the sport of table tennis. Some of his major achievements are below -

  • Won Men’s singles title at WTT Champions Macao 2023 in China where he defeated Ma Long (4-0)
  • Won Silver at ITTF World Championships Final 2023 in Durban where he defeated Ma Long but lost to Fan Zhendong
  • Won Men’s Singles title WTT Star Contender European Summer Series (ESS) 2022
  • Wang Chuqin won Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles titles at Singapore Smash 2022
  • Wang Chuqin won the men’s singles title at the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals in 2019.
  • He has also achieved success in team events, including winning gold at the World Team Table Tennis Championships in 2018 and 2020.

WTT Ranking System and rise to rank #1

WTT ranking system makes the ranking points expire after a certain period of time which keeps a balance of recent performance of the players reflect in their rankings. The recent point expiry of Singapore Smash 2022’s ranking points had a big impact in the currently ranking positions. The previous World number #1 Fan Zhendong lost 2000 points whereas Wang Chuqin dropped only 245 points.

Congratulations WANG CHUQIN on becoming the World Number #1 Table Tennis player.


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