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Read this before buying any Pongori Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets!

Read this before buying any Pongori Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets!

Decathlon, is one of the best stores where you can buy all your sporting gear. For me, I have purchased way too many equipments from Decathlon and almost everything is easily available at their stores. Recently, I was shopping at Decathlon and I helped a person select his new table tennis racket who was trying out Decathlon trial rackets. In this article, I will review and share some important technical details that will you select and decide about buying Pongori Decathlon Table Tennis rackets.

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Are Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets good?

Decathlon rackets consist of wide variety of rackets for two series, one is PPR and another one is TTR. The Pongori PPR series consist of really basic paddles that offers nothing for serious table tennis players. They are just plain rackets for leisure ponging. If you go with TTR series, there are some good contenders -

Racket Level Cover Price
Pongori TTR100 Racket Beginner Not included Rs 699
Pongori TTR130 Racket Beginner Not included Rs 999
Pongori TTR500 Racket Beginner Not included Rs 1499
Pongori TTR530 Racket Intermediate Not included Rs 1999
Pongori TTR590 Racket Intermediate Not included Rs 2499
Pongori TTR900 Racket Professional Not included Rs 2799-3299

Let’s talk a bit more about these rackets and recommendations.

Review of Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets
  • The Pongori TTR100 Racket is really a plain racket which doesn’t offer much spin in your game. You will be able to send the ball to the opposite side of the net and that’s the best you can do with this. This is really a basic level racket.
  • Pongori TTR130 Racket - This is similar to it’s Pongori TTR100 Racket and in my view you can go with a better racket with GKI Offensive XX or GKI Greenhunt.
  • Pongori TTR500 Racket - TTR500 is a decent racket at it’s price, you can generate some spin and also hit the smashes. Serves are decent and this can definitely help you improve your game. This is a 7 ply racket with Koto, Ayous, Kiri wood composition.
  • Pongori TTR530 Racket - TTR530 is a faster brother of TTR500 and in speed this racket is very much comparable to GKI Euro V. For me, GKI Euro V was much durable in comparison and more controllable in shots. I feel that TTR530 is having a beautiful design compared to the GKI Euro V. The wood composition is same as TTR500.
  • Pongori TTR590 Racket - TTR590 is on of the cheapest carbon racket and certainly the fastest of the TTR500 series. It is more spinny compared to other TTR500 rackets. This is also 7-ply racket with carbon composition (Afara x2, Ayous x3, Carbon x2) and this is certainly a faster racket for beginners. If you have experience with chops and topspins than this racket is good for you. You can select TTR590 in comparison to Stag Ninja Attack.
  • Pongori TTR900 Racket - TTR900 is a monster, this has multiple rackets called as Speed/Spin/All Round but my preference is TTR900 Speed. This is a killer racket with a 5 + 2 ply combination of Koto - ALC - Limba - paulownia - Limba - ALC - Koto. With TTR900, you are buying an ALC carbon racket at a very cheap price which matches some of the international standard rackets. The speed and spin department of this racket are above all other rackets. You will be able to make all the shots that you want but you should only buy this if you are a player who loves faster racket setups and have very good game control as this racket is not easy to control for begineers/intermediate players. In my view, TTR900 is a really good ALC carbon racket at a cheap price.

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Price of Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets?

The price range of Decathlon rackets is really well maintained. They start the basic one Pongori PPR100 at Rs 199 and the most premium one Pongori TTR900 Speed is at Rs 3299. You can see that Decathlon offers rackets for every pocket depending on your preference and playing styles.

Are Decathlon Table Tennis Rackets approved by ITTF?

Decathlon has a wide range of TT rackets, the rackets belonging to TTR series are mostly approved by ITTF(International Table Tennis Federation). That means you can use them in International competitons. Below are the list of ITTF approved Pongori rackets -

  • TTR100 Racket
  • TTR130 Racket
  • TTR500 Racket
  • TTR530 Racket
  • TTR590 Racket
  • TTR900 Racket

Benefit of buying Decathlon Table Tennis Racket

The best part of buying Decathlon Table Tennis Racket is easy return of the product if you don’t like it. This is something that other brands don’t offer and you can easily try the racket and return it in 30-day period.

NOTE: Make sure you try it and not play it for the duration as the store may refuse your return.

Decathlon offers multiple rackets for all users and depending on their gameplay and preferences.🙂

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